Investing with Poor Credit

by Mark
(Akron, OH)

How can I invest with poor credit?

I have poor credit due to medical issues. Is it still feasible for me to get back on my feet financially doing this and would anyone sell me a a house that needs rehabbing?

Answer: YES!

Bank financing is Not the only way!

Investing with poor credit may slow you down from getting a mortgage to finance a fixer upper until your credit improves, however...

Finding money to invest in real estate comes from many avenues:
1) A seller could sign a house over to you on a land contract; That's called seller financing.

2) Borrowing money from an investor from your local real estate investment group is a common practice.

3) Money from:
People you know from:
Social networks

Even one of your neighbors that know you personally, that knows how hard you work, may be willing to invest with you on a real estate investment house in your own neighborhood.

Investing with poor credit is quite common!

Prove your ability to a private investor or seller and the money will come.

Joe the Rehabber

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