Home Improvement Paybacks

by Joe Trometer

Landscape and  Home Gardens

Landscape and Home Gardens

Best Home Improvement Paybacks Are:

Exterior Home Improvements:

1) A new roof, affordable vinyl siding, energy efficient windows, an attractive front door and quality screen door.

2) Energy efficient and cost effective heating and cooling systems.

3) Kitchen and Bathroom updates on newer homes Or,
complete universal design renovations to enhance convenience for long term residence, which also increases your resale value.

Easy Projects

A) Caulking and sealing inside and outside doors, windows, siding, chimneys, duct work,
and anywhere on the home that can allow a
air leaks, water leaks, and insects into your home.

B)Insulation saves energy, plus... reduces your energy bills!

Also, insulation is noticeable to home buyers, home inspectors, and is very inexpensive and easy to install in open areas like attics and basement rim joists.

C) Curb Appeal with basic landscaping, a small budget, with some good physical exercise:

a) Edge and frame out the lawns and flower beds
b) Trim the bushes and small trees
c) Fill the cracks in the sidewalk and driveway
d) Stain the decks
e) Touch up paint on trim if not covered with metal trim

A well manicured outside yard increases the living experience for you as the home owner and,
is inviting for potential buyers if your planning on selling. Ready for the Barbeque!

Herbs and Spices in Planter Pots.

Change it up and have some fun.

Flowers are nice in hanging planter pots,
yet the cost is the same to plant herbs and spices,
to use fresh daily,
for cooking indoors and on the barbeque.

Suggestions like these are found in the news feeds in the home remodeling news, right here on ask-the-rehabber.com.

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"Richmond Times" e-News.

Do it yourself home remodeling is not only fun, like I mentioned above, it's good exercise.

I wouldn't want to be a full time landscaper at my age.
I do enjoy a few days of working outdoors in the fresh air, enjoying the sunshine, and digging my hands into Mother Earth... Enjoy!

Joe Trometer

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