Handicap Bathroom

I have replaced 2 doors over 5 years in the same house due to a handicap person showering needs.

The entire bathroom (floor to ceiling) is tile, but the entry door is made of wood base material.

Are there other products available that I could have a door made from; such as vinyl?

It is a standard 36X78 door. I've used Masonite and composite. Neither last.

Answer by Joe Trometer

Yes to your question about doors made from vinyl. I haven’t seen any vinyl doors on the shelf for cash and carry but they can be special ordered.

I have purchased exterior fiberglass doors off the shelf in the home improvement stores for outside wet areas to eliminate the rusting and paint failures.

I’ve also used exterior doors on indoor rooms that lead to a staircase or a porch by removing the threshold at the bottom and installing the new door with the new door casing.
This method will get into carpentry work but it’s off the shelf, do-it-yourself door installation, in one day.
The problem with exterior doors for interior door solutions is the pre-drilled two-hole door handle openings, however, there are pre-drilled single-hole doors available too.

Many suppliers that sell doors can custom order a door to your design.

The possibilities for a fiberglass exterior door made to order with the features you would like, then have the manufacturer mount that door on an interior jamb if your replacing the door frame.

I haven't installed any vinyl doors but they're out there. Do a search for interior vinyl doors or ask your local supplier or home building center about special order interior doors.

The last custom door I ordered was through Lowes and I got it in about two weeks.
The service was very good and the door sales person was very knowledgeable to meet my needs.
They have manufacturer's software to order the door to your specifications and the pricing adjusts as door options are added or subtracted.

Custom order doors can be made to order for width, height, thickness, a single hole for the door handle, and a variety of door jambs and hinges.

A custom glass shower door that has obscured glass may be a consideration but would get very expensive, would definitely be a special order door, and may not be suitable for do-it-yourself installation because of the weight and delicacy of the glass. Just thought I'd mention that in case you haven't thought of glass doors as an option yet.

Hope this helps you,

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Handicap Bath Room Door
by: wayde

I have seen in rental units; handicap door hinges that allow the door to open wider, or swing in a couple more inches that allows a wheel chair easier access into the bathroom.

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