Assignment Fees

I am looking to get into real estate investing.
Do you know of anyone such as Rehabbers who will pay an assignment fee for finding good deals?


You've done 1/2 of the work so far to earn your assignment fee...

...Finding a motivated seller who is willing to put their property under contract with you,
at a predetermined price and time frame,
for you to assign your contract to a buyer at a higher price,
whereas you will collect the difference referred to as,
the assignment fee.

I pose the question, how did you find your seller willing to assign their property to you?

This will be the similar as to how to find your buyers.

To directly answer the question, Yes!

I know rehabbers willing to buy investment properties regardless if there is an
assignment fee,
Realtor® commissions, etc.,
as long as the investor can earn their profit,
from the home remodeling projects they perform.

Like myself, I work with people who provide me "good real estate deals" for me to consider.
Other real estate investors do the same...

...Working with people who provide good real estate deals to consider.

It is all about Marketing!

You are in the marketing business when working wholesale real estate deals;

1) Taking homes under contract,

2) Assigning your real estate contracts for a fee.

I call this, "Being a Realtor® Without a License".

However, wholesale real estate assignment deals are legal and many times are more profitable than a real estate Agent's commission.

Here's how to do that...

This is a Salesperson's position, if you're planning to do more than just one deal.

Sales requires a marketing system that in my opinion,
is far different than just advertising, plus...

Relationship Building!

Build your list of contacts and turn them into clients.

Do that by asking your list of prospects,
"how can I help you?"
Then help them!

We need 2 separate lists to wholesale properties to collect an assignment fee:

- One for Sellers,

- One for Buyers.

Marketing tools include email, social media, direct mail, telephone, text messaging, real estate investor groups, networking, advertising in publications...
As much as your marketing budget and time allows.

The Art of Sales is to bring a buyer and seller together,
to agree to terms,
and consummate a deal.

Can I just give you a Rehabber to buy your deal? That's unlikely.

Working Relationships...

Until a level of trust is established,
or a 4th party approval to bring confidence and trust to the real estate transaction,
it's up to us as individuals to build and develop our wholesale business relationships.

There are real estate gurus who have such organizations that have websites set up for wholesale property transactions...

... Members usually pay a substantial fee to start plus 50% of the assignment fee,
to work with their lists. does not offer this service at this time.

Bottom line:

Wholesale selling of properties,

to collect an assignment fee,

requires a systematized marketing program,

to build relationships with real estate buyers,

and to find motivated sellers willing to work with you,

from your "irresistible offers",

that provides solutions!

Hope this helps you,


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