Remodeling Kitchens and Bathrooms,
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The New Landlord and Tenant Forum.

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--> Investor Questions from last month

--> 2 Ambitious Investor Success Stories

--> 2 new categories on the website

-----> 1.) Remodeling Kitchens (click here)

-----> 2.) Remodeling Bathrooms (click here)

--> The NEW Landlord Tenant Forum

--> I need your help on 3 quick questions

Joe's Answers for the "Buy Sell Wholesale" Questions.

A question came in and I want to be very nice about answering it honestly.

It is actually 5 questions about:

  • Finding real estate deals
  • Flipping wholesale properties
  • Getting motivated sellers to call
  • Are contracts from "True Owners"
  • Finding "Bird Dogs" to work

To accomplish all the above, can it realistically be accomplished by one person?

Does this sound possible for; a one person, part time real estate investor?

Click on the link below to get the answers to the questions outlined above. At the bottom of that comments for "Buy Sell Wholesale" page, there is a link to add your own comments or ask your questions.

Or... See several answers to questions (click here)

Answers to the 5 Questions of "Buy Sell Wholesale"

2 Ambitious Investor Success Stories

Would you like a Role Model to follow?

What does it take to be successful in this market?

1.) Follow the lead on this First Time Investor and read her story on all the Preparation & Planning (click here). Leave a comment for her, I'm sure she'll appreciate your support.

2.) This aggressive investor's Success Story worked for me 30 years ago, and the investor plan works just as well today.
Prices today are similar to prices 30 years ago yet the rents are higher...

Read Jason's story (click here), and find out how a single investor lives nearly rent free, and is already planning on his vacation home.

Outstanding Jason! Thanks for sharing your story, I'm sure you'll be an inspiration to many new investors.

2 New Ask-The-Rehabber™ Categories on the Website

1.) Remodeling Kitchens

2.) Remodeling Bathrooms

It's not my best picture, but there I am in the photo called "installing bathroom vanity".

So far the Ask-The-Rehabber™ website's topics have been about

  • Real estate Investing
  • Motivation and Encouragement
  • Investing Tips and Strategies
  • Quitting the "JOB" and living the lifestyle of a Rehabber
  • Building YOUR Team of Professional Service Providers
  • Cash Flow
  • The Passion for Work when YOU own the property
  • Landlords and Renters Forum

  • Mostly all about Real Estate Investing...

I'm expanding the site - - "How-To Remodel Homes"

The 1st New Category is Remodeling Kitchens (click here)

The 2nd New Category is Remodeling Bathrooms (click here)

I will be adding "How-To" on everything from Roof Tops to Foundations and everything in between. After 30 years of rehabbing homes, apartments, and commercial properties; if something was broken, needed replacing, or needed a complete renovation, I enjoyed doing the work myself. Been there and done that... and still rehabbing today!

I'll be reviewing my list of questions to decide on what topics I'll share in the next How-To segment to get the project done with added features on how to "Save Time" and or "Save Money".

The NEW Landlord and Tenant Forum.

The Landlord Forum is Landlords helping Landlords.
Plus, Landlords and Renters helping each other.

A little active participation can generate a lot of Success!
Click here for the Landlord and Tenant Forum.

A little help

Click the link below to send in your suggestions to 3 quick questions about:

  • Real estate investing
  • How-To remodeling
  • and any comments or complaints you would like to make.

Click the link below, it'll only take you 2 minutes - Thanks.

comments and suggestions for Joe the Rehabber

Best Regards,

Joe the Rehabber

P.S. A Professional Realtor® can be one of your best assets on your team.
If you don't have one, Have a Realtor® give you a call. Available for U.S.A., Canada, and or Mexico.

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