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In This Issue:

  1. My Miracles. Is that possible?

  2. From the last issue about lead based paint and blood level tests.

  3. Live remodeling news-feeds and your commentaries at
    home remodeling news.


    Live investing news-feeds and your commentaries at
    real estate investing news.

  4. Do you know about the "Strangest Secret"?

  5. In the next Rehabber Newsletter: Why I have to evict a tenant that pays on-time, every-time, for 3 years.

I just heard in the news today, "The Secret to Living a Long Life".

The answer was, "Work hard and do not retire early! Keep moving!"

I've known that for decades, but only recently have I understood it completely and made the changes in my life that provides me that work that I love to do.

I retired once 12 years ago at age 40 and it was the biggest mistake I ever made!
That was more harm to me than good, so I'll never retire again!

But getting back into the work force presented some challenges as I got older...

My Miracles

At age 29 during basic training, the Doctor diagnosed me with a progressive bone disease.
Now, 23 years later, the Surgeon wants to rehab my body like we rehab houses, except...

The Surgeon accepts no risk or liability of success, recovery, or the ability to resume my construction work.

Could you imagine flipping houses without having to accept any risk or liability? Or charge $50,000 for 5 hours work?
Sorry about that, just ranting a little.

I'd rather work with my disability than risk never working again!

I've been remodeling houses with this disability for 23 years! The pain is tolerable.
Since working on properties that I own, I can take many breaks, and alternate from heavy to easy work as needed.

I truly believe that I have realized the work I enjoy most, with the body I was given to work with.
Being my own boss as a do it yourself real estate investor and home remodeler, has got to be a miracle.

Whether if we're just remodeling our own homes or rehabbing houses for a profit, we get to use our own creativity, without the structured criticisms of an employer.

I look forward to my work everyday, now that's really a miracle after having jobs in the past that were...
Let's just say, less than exciting.

And I've heard too many times about:

Procrastination and Information Overload...

Many times this stops us dead in our tracks and it's easy to give up and quit! But no more...

Once we realize exactly what type of home improvement projects excite us, nothing can stop us, not even a disability!
Are those miracles? I'll let you decide.

What I do know, once we're doing what we love to do,
and get to know others doing the same thing,
well... Life seems to get a little more exciting!

That's why I spend hours writing this newsletter, and publish Ask-The-Rehabber®.

We got connected here today. That's a good thing, here's why...

Knowing that, keeps me motivated to do more rehabbing, sharing our stories, and the good times keep rolling!

Are there really miracles??? Call it a phenomenon if you like.
If I can inspire you to do one extra remodeling project this year, or flip one extra house, something is happening!

I have to say, since we've connected and I starting writing about our type of work,
I've done more in the last 12 months than I did in the last 5 years.

I've always said, "It's no fun alone!", even if we're miles apart.

Lead Based Paints and Lead Blood Levels

From the last issue, after taking the EPA-RRP Certified Renovator course, I expressed some concern about the new safe work practices and health hazards discussed in that program.

  • Respirator Fitting
  • The EPA-RRP-Renovation Repair and Painting Rule
  • The results of my Blood Level Test
  • Multiple Doctor visits just to get approved to be fitted for a respirator.

Follow-up on the editorials and our visitor comments
about lead based paint.

Let's not let this slow us down. We can discuss it, figure it out, and turn it into a benefit instead of a problem.

Work safe, protect our health, our families, and our customers.

There are still millions of houses that need our expertise.

We'll always have as much work as we want!

What a coincidence! I didn't want to say miracle again.

That's why I began this issue with,
"The Secret to Living a Long Life" that happened to be in the news today.

There are 2 New "Live News-feed" Additions to Ask-The-Rehabber®

"Live News-feed" meaning the news is updated everyday with the top stories in the following categories.

I have struggled to keep up with the Daily News Reports about real estate investing and home remodeling for years.
I needed a fast and quick resource to check the news everyday!

So <>, if you share my desire to know what's happening with the current home remodeling or real estate investing reports like I am?

I've assembled the most important stories that Google News-feed and Bing News-feed delivers World wide each day, plus...

You can add Your Own News, Comments, or start your own Editorial Column.
It's easy to do, and it will be read by thousands of people who subscribe to just like you do.

Click on the links below to get started or just to see what's in today’s news on your favorite topic...

Here is the Home Remodeling News.

And the Real Estate Investing News.


"The Strangest Secret"

By Earl Nightingale, "We Become What We Think About".

In my opinion, Motivation is a key advantage to be successful in any business, including ours!

I'm no exception. In the questions and comments I've received, the common issue I've found is the lack of motivation to accomplish our goals!

Sure, it's easy to want... However, it's not easy to do what it takes to get what we want.

Maybe you've collected a library like I have on:

  • "How-To"
  • "Personal Development"
  • "Real Estate Investing Programs"

To learn how to be financially successful investing in the market, or with, remodeling houses.

There's one message that works best for me and maybe it will help you too...

I always return to Earl's message of the "Strangest Secret"!

He covers the secret success qualities needed to succeed and I listen his message often.

I feel it is so good, that I posted him on my website to share with everyone.

Listen to Earl's video recording at the Importance of Motivation.

Let me know if you think his lesson was helpful.

Is there anything I can do to help you?

Or, would you like to recommend something I can add to the Ask The Rehabber website that you feel would help our visitors?
Hit reply and send me your suggestions, I would enjoy hearing from you.

Spring is only 2 weeks away!

Time to plan our outside projects.
So, I'm going to get my taxes out of the way this week.
Now that’s going to take some motivation!

Stay tuned for the next issue of the Rehabber Newsletter,


Ask The Rehabber Home Page

P.s. A professional Realtor® can be one of your best resources on your team in this market to find the deals your looking for!

If you don't have an Agent working for you,
may I suggest a real estate referral Agent?

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