Landlord Tenant Problems and Bank Foreclosure Sales

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In This Issue:

  1. Miracles... Again? Or was I just lucky? $1,200 additional rent income became the result of my landlord tenant problems.
  2. This is the last Miracle analogy.

  3. From the last issue about evicting a tenant that paid on-time, every-time.

  4. USLegalForms has partnered with ask-the-rehabber®.

  5. Bank foreclosure sale contracts are unethical, or not? But perfectly legal!

  6. I little help Please. What would be the best use of our time together?
    What would help you most? Rehabber Questionnaire.

  7. In the next Rehabber Newsletter: Another Rental Unit Eviction, Clean-up, and Repairs.
    Choose tenants wisely.

1) Rehabber Miracles... Again? Or was I just lucky?

Tenant Landlord Problems are not calculated when buying investment rental units!

I worked up the motivation to take action and evict a paying tenant. I had my doubts!

I've been researching that rents are up, yet I can see there are a lot of rental vacancies in my area!

In addition to the loss of rent during a vacancy and
the cost of cleaning, painting, and repairs of my rental unit, I worried about what I would get in monthly rent payments...
More? Or Less?

Just because I've been in the real estate investing business over 30 years, doesn't mean I'm immune to the stress and worry about collecting rents and dealing with the residents in my rental properties.

I'm upfront and direct on of what you might expect on your rentals from my and our visitor's experiences.

The more stress we can handle on rehabbing homes and renting usually means; more wealth and or growth.

And so we persist:

$100.00 per month increase. Turns out I worried for nothing again!

I chose to evict the tenant!

Taking a chance on causing a vacancy gave me some pause,
yet filled the vacancy for $1,200.00 more per year, I think,
is a Rehabber Miracle... or was I just lucky?

Persistence proved profitable!

From the last issue about evicting a tenant that paid on-time, every-time.

I finally decided to evict that Tenant because Life Is Too Short, to put up with a renter that causes too much stress.

The whole story in the Landlord forum at... Evicting A Bad Tenant.
You can add your commentary to that article if you like.

Tenant Complains About Landlord:

As a landlord, I try to follow the rules to provide quality living and service to my residence.

On the other-hand...

Tenants have difficulties with landlords breaking the rules and stressing out the residents.

It's now obvious to me that,
it's just as stressful for landlords to find good tenants,
as it is for some renters to find good landlords!

Here is a case where a tenant complained about his landlord on ask-the-rehabber at Seven day eviction notice that appears to be unwarranted!

United States Legal-Forms

Our business with real estate investing, home remodeling, and rental units is tied together with
Legal Forms and Contracts!

Over the years I've accumulated dozens of CD's with Free contracts I've never used... For good reason!

A free contract may not contain the specific legalese needed to satisfy our State or Federal Requirements.

Hiring an Attorney to prepare a contract specific to our State can cost hundreds of dollars!

I have just partnered with US-Legal-Forms on to make available to us,
Legal Forms and Contracts specific for each of the States we live in.

Many of the Legal Contracts prepared by Attorneys, are less than twenty-dollars.

Check out the Legal Forms and Contracts page and let me know what you think.

Bank Foreclosure Sale Contracts are Unethical...

At least, that's the way I feel about it!

Unfortunately, what the Banks are doing is Legal.

Follow the story on how I had an Accepted Bank Offer rejected for another offer,
and what the ask-the-rehabber visitors had to say about that at Bank Foreclosure Sale Contracts are Unethical!

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Thank you very much in advance.

Ask questions to keep up the motivation at Rehabber Answers to Questions.

All the best,

Joe Trometer

14738 Chamberlain FL 1
Flat Rock, MI 48134, USA

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