I'm Constantly Looking for Rehabber Answers to Questions!
Here's How I Solved That Problem.

In This Issue

--> 2 Types of Investors

----> 1.) People with lots of questions

----> 2.) People with a Great Real Estate Success Story

--> How to get your rehabber answers to questions - Simplified

--> Share YOUR real estate success story - become an Author

--> Thanks for subscribing and for your suggestions

There are 2 types of investors I know of...

1.) Those that have a lot of questions!
Ask your question: Click here to ask your toughest question

2.) Those that have Great Real Estate Success Stories to share!
Share (please brag) your story: Click here to Share Your Story

I think we're a lot alike when it comes to finding answers!

I'm tired of paying for programs that don't work!
Seminars, webinars, and telecast methods are just more sales pitches!

Well, I finally figured it out...

I've been working on this for 9 months and spent 1000's of dollars to bring Active Investors together for Questions... WITHOUT:

  • Going anywhere
  • Buying anything
  • Signing up
  • Logging in
  • Learning a program
  • Calling in
  • Or needing a password!

Active Participation with Like Minded Individuals is simplified with Your own question page on line.

Finally... Get your toughest questions answered with your own web page on a growing real estate investor website. Personalize it with your photo to get more participation!

Surprised that people are willing to help? They Will!

1.) Make a good title to your question.
2.) Add your photo to get noticed... (You may not get a response if your a ghost)
3.) Write out a detailed question entailing what you've tried or didn't work.
4.) Make your question interesting.
5.) Tell the visitors a little about yourself,
---a.)(how you got started, how long you've been investing, and the problems you need solved)

The more interesting your question is and when you use a photo,
the more answers you'll get!

It's easy to ask a Question. Just click here and start typing.

The Successful Investors with Stories to Share.

Maybe you don't have a question to ask.
We all hope if you’re one of our Successful Investors that you will share your experience or leave comments to the question pages. (Kind of a pay it forward thing)

I developed a web page just for you and your real estate success stories.

Can you imaging how this is going to work? Investors, Rehabbers, and Homeowners will ask questions, get answers, and turn out to be real estate success stories.
More and more questions will be asked, answered, then even more successful people can share their success stories.

This isn't a sales pitch! There's no cost, no log in, no password, and it's easy to do... Just click here and start typing.

Please do add your photo.

Who knows, maybe someday we'll all meet on a Cruise Ship together and celebrate our real estate success. It might take a little while but Ask-The-Rehabber is already starting to grow like crazy.

Here's Proof. Go to Google and type in:
Rehabber Questions OR Rehabber Answers and see for yourself.

Ask-the-Rehabber is #1 on the 1st page on both:
Results 1 - 10 of about 5,270,000 for both searches.
You can also do Google searches for; ask the rehabber, joe the rehabber, rehabber lifestyle, motivated rehabber, rehabber help, rehabber newsletter, think like a rehabber, to name a few.
It's catching on and now... YOU can have your own mini-site on this site. No strings attached!


Do share your real estate success story. Homeowners with remodeling projects can share their success stories too. Put up your photo, tell your story, visitors can comment, and you can reply to their comments.
It's fun... be careful, you might enjoy yourself:)

Please Brag! Your real estate success story is motivating, encouraging, and inspirational to others.
You don’t want Donald Trump or Robert Kiyosaki to have all the glory do you?
Click here and just start writing – it’s that easy!

This could be part of your Legacy... Becoming an Author!

You’ll have your own web page with a link you can send to your family or children.
Heck, you can send it to your investor friends or your homeowner friends with remodeling projects and brag that you’re now a Published Author.
Have some fun with it. Send this email or the link to your friends so they can start their own page too.

Thanks for subscribing and for your suggestions...

I know you're busy with life, family, work, and the ever growing amount of emails that you get.
I don't want to waste your time or mine with real estate garbage that doesn't work! You probably know what I'm talking about.

What we have here today is Networking 2.0, or maybe 3.0 or 4.0!
This is pretty advanced stuff without the advanced learning curve.

This email today includes a very technical real estate tool for You and other investors, rehabbers, and homeowners, to quickly put up a web page without the hassles of logging in, signing up, buying a program, or learning the technical internet stuff.

You will have your own link and you can send it to anyone or advertise it if you like. (Just copy the url at the top of your page and paste it anywhere.)
You will also get an email when someone leaves a comment for you on your page.

This is a network of like-minded people like you and me.

It works! That is, the internet is number one and the newspapers are shutting down their print copy.
You will be able to network on the world wide web with people like yourself; working on our rehabbing and remodeling projects, on our homes or on our investment projects.

This is better than a forum because you can reply with your visitors back and forth. And it's better than Facebook or MySpace because it's on a site that is strictly about you and other visitors like you.
The theme is about real estate properties, your home, and anything that we can possibly do with property... Improve it for better living or make a profit from it.

It took me months and 1000's of dollars to set this up for us.
But don't feel obligated... Ask-The-Rehabber™ is here to stay.

I could use your help to get this started if you have a very little bit of time to spare. This is brand new for this site and you could help me get the visitor pages going.

You can see further down from the email last month that I was developing this feature for investors or remodelers like you and me.
Simply click on either link (or both) and just start typing Your Question or Your Real Estate Success Story, I couldn't make it any easier than that.
Thanks in advance!

I kept last Month's email promise...

Last month I said to you ...

The Ask-The-Rehabber site is developing directly from questions and from trade secretes visitors are offering.

This is going to be a tremendous networking hub to share our ideas and strategies on how to save money, save time, make money, and enjoy a fruitful and productive lifestyle of Rehabbing and Real Estate Investing, by helping each other from all across the globe.

What was also said in last Month's email was...


Coming Soon on Ask-The-Rehabber

You can have your own web page at Ask-The-Rehabber!

It's way better than a forum or a blog...
It's even better than Facebook or Myspace for that matter...

My goal is to have it up and running in the next couple of weeks.
I'll send you an email on how to post your
- Projects
- Photos
- and Stories
About Rehabbing and Real Estate Investing.

So what's in it for you?

This idea came as a suggestion that could help Ask-The-Rehabber visitors to get involved and get published. It sounds fun and easy!

But then I Realized...

If your looking for a
- Buyer
- Seller
- Lender
- Partner
- Renter
- Or want to do some networking

You can publish your stories, your photos, and your favorite experiences, among a community of peers and friends and become an author without any cost or huge effort. I'm told this method lends better credibility than a Social Networking method like FaceBook, Twitter and the alike.

If you enjoy this kind of participation, you may become a regular contributing author for the site.

I'll let you know as soon as I get the details worked out.


Well, I got the details worked out!

Simply click on either link (or both) and just start typing Your Question or Your Real Estate Success Story, to get started. It's easy to do!

To your success,

Joe the Rehabber

P.S. A Professional Realtor® can be one of your best assets on your team.
They deal with Short Sales and Foreclosures every day.
If you don't have one, I'm set up with a huge Referral Network that will provide you a full time Professional in the U.S.A., Canada, and Mexico.

We can work together to get the results you need today, click on the link:
Send Me A Realtor®

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