What do we do about the New EPA - RRP Rules and the documentation?

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In This Issue:

  • The EPA's RRP rule:
    EPA is the Federal Government's:
    Environmental Protection Agency.

    RRP is: Renovation, Repair, and Painting rules.

  • Where have I been?

The RRP rule became effective on April 22, 2010

This isn't to scare you, it's to prepare you,
"Knowledge is Power" in the real estate investing business!

And I inhaled more "lead-dust" that,
you could use me as a boat anchor!
But the laws have changed.

Moving on to business:

The RRP rule addresses lead-based paint hazards created by renovation, repair, and painting activities that disturb lead-based paint in "target housing" and "child-occupied facilities".

Health Risks of Lead:

  • Very hazardous to children.
  • Hazardous to pregnant women.
  • Hazardous to workers and other adults.
  • Lead exposure causes permanent damage.

Myth: The story about children chewing on windowsills.
There may be truth to that but the problem is lead in the dust from renovation, repairs, and painting preparation.

Why are Dust and Debris a Problem?

  • Renovation activities that disturb lead-based paint create dust and debris. Debris becomes dust.
  • Lead-contaminated dust is poisonous.
  • Very small amounts of lead-contaminated dust can poison children and adults.
  • Workers can bring lead-contaminated dust home and poison their families.

Lead Paint Awareness Pamphlets are required to be given to our tenants, buyers, and anyone we do work for.

Documentation that pamphlets were given, and lead safe work practices need to be kept for 3 to 6 years.

Unless a qualified test returns negative,
consider all buildings 1978 and older to contain lead based paint.

I just became a "lead-safe" Certified Renovator to be able to work on my rentals and for my investment home rehabbing projects.

Currently, homeowners are exempt from this rule, however...

If renovations are done in a home that contains lead paint not using safe practices,
lead dust could contaminate the entire house.

Note: excerpts taken from my "Lead Safety Student Manual".

My prediction:

Lead inspections will become as popular as a home inspection upon sale of a home.
If lead dust is found anywhere in the home - No Sale!

The Bright side of this:

  • We have to clean up after our projects anyway.
    Using lead safe practices are simply working in a clean way that contains dust. Plus... We protect our health, our families, buyers or tenants, from the lead poison.

  • Our rehabbing project that pass the lead dust test will be:
    More Valuable! Sell quicker! For more Money!

  • We get to buy "New Tools" like a hepa vacuum, rolls of plastic and tape, disposable jumpsuits and booties, and a respirator. Note: A doctors certification and respirator fitting certification are required.

  • And the competition? Just got reduced for rehabbing old homes!

Any Questions?

I just started a questions and answers column, read about it and ask questions - click here.

Where Have I Been?

Buying, selling, rehabbing, and we moved.

We just sold the house on the Huron River that I mentioned in the last newsletter.

We decided to cash out instead of doing the land contract, plans change.
We sold on Dec 23.
It just goes to show that business is just as good
during the Winter Holidays,
as well as Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Don't let winter time slow you down!

We're putting an offer in today on another fixer upper,
and I know,
it's contaminated with lead paint!

I'll be expecting a huge discount once I educate the seller on what they're selling!
And how expensive it'll be for me to implement my new lead safe rehabbing techniques.
Get the Idea?
Like I said above, "Knowledge is Power"!

In the meantime...

I'm updating my website with nearly 1000 pictures I've taken during the last 12 months on my home remodeling projects.
I'm still a small website with about 100 visitors per day but...

We're in the Information Technology Age and as Donald Trump or Robert Kiyosaki suggest about, "multiple streams of income",
there's money to be made online!

So... If you don't want to deal with the problems of lead paint and you've been thinking about building your own website like me, click here.

I admit, a web business is hard work! It's hands down easier than remodeling homes and real estate investing when you follow the video instructions.

Not that I'm giving up my true talent as a skilled tradesman. I'll rehab houses til my body gives out because I enjoy it!

With gas prices climbing steadily,
a website is a true work from home business! Click here.

Building a website is a suggestion you've already heard about.

I know a lot of real estate investors
making money on line to make cash, to buy free and clear houses without mortgages!

And that's exactly what I'm doing,
thought you should know about that.

Keep in touch and let's help each other keep up the motivation!

Happy New Year,

Joe the Rehabber

14738 Chamberlain FL 1
Flat Rock, MI 48134, USA

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