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Waiver of the 90-day Seasoning Rule

Real estate investing is now 90-days easier!

The 90-day seasoning rule waiver was signed on January 15,2010 by David H. Stevens, the Assistant Secretary for Housing - Federal Housing Commissioner.

The waiver will take effect on February 1, 2010.

There are conditions to prevent fraud included in the waiver.

That doesn't affect us honest home remodeling rehabbers,
who are taking title to a property,
making credible home improvements,
and reselling for a fair and reasonable profit at market value.

Read the full document at hud.gov - Waiver of Requirements of 24 CFR203.37a(b)(2)


Property Deals are easy to find these days!

The Government is waiving the 90-day holding period!

The Difficult Part!

A Buyer Waiting to Buy your newly remodeled property!


Having a marketing system, read more... in place to find a buyer quickly as possible.

This is Good News!

Where Have I Been?

Rehabbing and More... Rehabbing.

It's a real challenge to be a full time rehabber while
providing you up to date real estate investing
and home remodeling strategies at:

...And I love a great challenge -
That's how Motivation is Generated!

If you need some motivation, challenge yourself like I do.
Share your real estate investing stories with me and your fellow rehabbers at The Rehabber Forums, while we're working along side of you on our home remodeling projects.

I've been rehabbing the Ask-The-Rehabber® website while
rehabbing a a great little water front property my wife and I just purchased for $15,000.
This is a major home renovation and my targeted budget is only $9,000.
It last sold for $115,000 5 years ago.
Target sale price $80,000 on land contract.
The plan: 18 years of retirement income totaling $171,931.68.
I think that's a nice return on a $24,000 investment!

It takes me a little longer with do-it-yourself remodeling,
but this way, the suggestions I write about
are from my past and current rehabbing experience.

Everything on my website is about:

  • What I do
  • How I do it
  • And what I use
  • Pertaining to the questions I get from you and rehabbers like you starting a home remodeling project,
    or have been real estate investing for years.

When you have a question about real estate investing or home improvements, just ask in the "Rehabber Forum" Reahbber Answers to Questions.
If you're an experienced investor,
you can share your stories at Real Estate Success Stories, we'd love to hear from you!

Keep in touch and let's help each other keep up the motivation!

Best regards,

Joe the Rehabber

W.Huron River Dr
Flat Rock, MI 48134, USA

P.S. A Professional Realtor® can be one of your best assets on your team, in this market, to find the deals your looking for!
If you don't have one,I can have a Realtor® give you a call.
It's fast and easy to make a connection with people willing to help you.
Available for U.S.A., Canada, and or Mexico.

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