Tenant Abandoned Car

by Wayde
(Dearborn, MI)

Tenant Abandoned Car

Tenant Left Car in Drive Way!

How Do I Get Rid Of It?

I've been renting homes for 25 years this is the first time a departing tenant has left a car for me. How do I dispose of it?

I contacted the local City Officials...

They informed me since the car was on private property they would not dispose of it. I think under the law I could of pushed it but didn't.
Due to where the car is parked and the steering wheel is locked you would have to jack the car up, move it into position, put it in the street, jack up the car again, reposition it again, and try not to hurt yourself.

One person said, “Punch out the key cylinder, but don't set off the air bag”, I passed on that suggestion.

I contacted two agencies that pick up unwanted cars; they will not pick up a vehicle without a title. They won’t pick up a tenant abandoned car either.

I belong to a Real Estate Investors Association (REIA)...

While at a Directors meeting, long time director Frank said, “Why don't you have it towed?”. I covered the title issue.
Frank suggested, have a tow truck tow it into the street, then let the City tow it as an abandoned vehicle. How much can it cost?

Well, this is on my list for this week!
You will only hear from me if it fails.

I played with this for over a month!
If you talk to enough people in a landlord group you will get answers to the tough questions!

Any suggestions to get rid of a tenant abandoned car?

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Abandon Car On Rental Drive
by: Anonymous

So am I allowed to just keep the car?

Reply by Joe Trometer

You may be entitled to the car after you do your due diligence!

If you are the landlord and owner of the rental property with an abandoned vehicle and;

1) your renters moved out,

2) you have possession of the property,

I would contact the local police department to see if they can document the vehicle as abandoned on your private property.
Also to make sure the car is not stolen!

Next step would be to check with the Secretary of State to get the vehicle title transferred into your name.

Hope that helps,


the end to the car in the driveway
by: Anonymous

A final note on the car in the drive way. I called the city of Taylor, (the building and police were no help). I talked to the ordinance dept. she said we do this all the time. I needed to have a notarized letter stating the city of Taylor would not be held libel, and give it to the city. Which I did.
The city said in a few days they would remove the car.
The next day the tenant got anxious, and pushed the car into the street, a neighbor asked can I have it and the neighbor took the car.
The end.
wayde koehler

problem almost solved on car
by: wayde

My new tenant used to deal with title on cars left behind. He agreed to make the car disapear.
So my new tenant takes the car and I have no expense.

Check with the District Court
by: James

I would believe only if the rent was in arrears.

You would have to check with the District Court, Civil division.

Claim Title?
by: Joe the Rehabber

As a Landlord, we just want to get rid of the car!

However, with your experience, is there anyway a Landlord can claim title and sell the car?

Put a Lien on the Car
by: James

Call a towing service to come get.
You will have to pay for the tow.

Try to work a deal with the Tow Company to bill the owner or place a lien on the car if the owner has abandoned it.

Can You Take Possesion?
by: Nick

Have you checked with your lawyer to see if you can take possession of it since it was abandoned? Then you could sell it or donate it? What did they say?

Tenant Abandoned Car suggestions
by: Joe the Rehabber

Yes, I agree with Frank. The fastest way to move an abandoned car is to have it towed to the street if you cannot move it yourself. The cost should be around $50.00 for a tow truck service call with no mileage added for towing.

I don't think a locksmith would be any cheaper to turn the ignition key.

I asked a car dealer if they could make a key from the serial number. They said there are privacy law issues and don't do that so readily any longer. The exception may be with a newly purchased vehicle and the dealer knows you as their recent customer.

With your 25 years experience, you probably already thought of it but this worked for me one time.
I called the family member that the tenant put on their rental application and told them about the abandoned car.
I asked them if they wanted it before I scrapped it for parts. They found the keys and came and got it the same day.

Something I'd like to find out when somebody else answers your question is about Scrappers.

Junk dealers and Scrappers have a way around titles. They get money from the scrap yards for bringing in cars for scrap metal.
I would think they would come and take it off your property for free.

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